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Town of Cohasset: Documents and Forms

Town Documents & Forms



Town Bylaws - PDF 412k - Updated 
January 2012
Zoning Bylaws - PDF 1,082 (New - January 2014)

2006 Town Report - PDF 3.2MB
2007 Town Report - PDF 4.48mb
2008 Town Report - PDF 1,868k
2009 Town Report - PDF 2.1mb
2010 Town Report - PDF 1,529k
2011 Town Report - PDF 1,379k
2012 Town Report - PDF 2,795k


Town Fees - Updated July 2012 PDF 64k

Board of Assessors
FY2014 Assessment by Street Listing - PDF 210k
CP-4 Application for Community Preservation Exemption - PDF 113k
Boat Excise Abatement Application - PDF 67k
Motor Vehicle Excise Abatement Application - PDF 78k
State Tax Form 96-3 - Application for Blind Statutory Exemption - PDF 96k
State Tax From 96-4 - Veteran Application for Statutory Exemption - PDF 108k
State Tax Form 96-6 - Senior - Surviving Spouse or Minor for Statutory Exemption - PDF 121k
State Form CL-1 Application for Forest - Agricultural or Horticultural - Recreational Land Classification - PDF 67k
State Form CL-7 - Abatement Form for Forest - Agricultural or Horticultural - Recreational Land - PDF 58k
State Tax Form 2, Return of personal property subject to taxation - PDF 765k
State Tax Form 2HF, Return of personal property subject to taxation - PDF 243k

Building Department
Massachusetts Application for Permit to
Perform Electrical Work
   PDF 665k
Massachusetts Application for Permit to do
Gas Fitting 
PDF 507k
Massachusetts Uniform Application to do
Plumbing Work
  PDF 457k
Application for Sheet Metal Permit - PDF 60k
Application for Permit to Remodel  PDF 67k
Application for Roofing or
  PDF 72k
Application for a Sign Permit  PDF 105k
Application for a Swimming Pool  PDF 75k
Application for a Tent Permit  PDF 26k
Application to Construct/Build a Chimney or
Install a Wood/Coal Stove Permit
PDF 64k
New Construction Permit  PDF 78k
Building Permit Fee Schedule PDF 19k (7/12)
Electrical Permit Fee Schedule PDF 21k (7/12)
Plumbing and Gas Permit Fee Schedule PDF
25k (7/12)
Historic Commission Application for Certification and Certificate of Appropriateness PDF 65k
Application for Trench Permit  PDF 48k
Zoning Map last updated, March 2002 PDF - 2.27MB

Fee Schedule - PDF 29k
Mooring Waiting List Application 2008 - PDF 13k
Harbor Regulations - PDF 46k

Stormwater Management Information and Forms

Facilities Management
Facilities Use Application - PDF 28k
Facilities Use Application & Regulations on Using Schools - PDF 18k

Board of Health
State Title 5 310 CMR 15.000 - PDF 912k
Cohasset Board of Health Supplemental to Title 5 - PDF 914k
Private Well Regulations - PDF 555k
Dog Nuisance Regulations - PDF 45k
Tenant's Rights Information - PDF 67k
Food Establishment Application - PDF 31k
Cohasset Board of Health Request for Documents Form - PDF 54k
Dumpster Regulations - PDF 40k
Board of Health Fee Schedule - PDF 15k
Food Retention after Power Outage - PDF 44k
Hot and Cold Food Holding - PDF 6k
Hot and Cold Food - PDF 16k
Outdoor Cooking - PDF 678k
Safe Cooking Fact Sheet - PDF 7k
Using a Themometer Fact Sheet - PDF 6k
Residential Kitchen Brochure - PDF 201k
Food Safety During Emergency - PDF 191k
Handwashing Fact Sheet - PDF 6k
Recreational Camp Application - PDF 20k
Summary Occupant Responsibilities - PDF 52k
Tanning Salons Regulations - PDF 31k



Planning Board
Planning Board Fee Schedule - PDF 25k
Planning Board Statement of Litigation
- to be signed by all parties and
submitted with all applications - PDF
Form A Procedures - Updated 4.24.13
PDF 2,697k
Large Home Review Application Packet - Amended May 22, 2013 - PDF 557k
Site Plan Review Application Packet -
Amended January 2014- PDF 559k
TOD Rules and Regulations PDF 42k
Adopted Residential Cluster Dev.
Rules and Regulations
- PDF 44k

Sewer Commission
Residential Manual Part One - PDF 1,502
Residential Manual Part Two - PDF 1,779
Sewer Commission Rules and Regulations - PDF 186k
Sewer Connection Application - PDF 33k
Request for Modified Use Application - PDF 25k
Application for Drainlayers - PDF 25k
*updated March 2010
Drain Layer Bond Form - PDF 17k
*updated January 2011
Sewer Commission Licensed Drainlayers - PDF 587k (4/2012)
Interon Grinder Pump Information - PDF 24k
Grinder Pump Reminder - PDF 13k
Sewer Street Listing - PDF 17k
Policy of Vacant Lots - PDF 15k
Sewer Emergency Procedure - PDF 24k
Dedicated Water Meter Readings For Spring Bill Consumption Adjustment - PDF 25k
2006 Rate Increase - PDF 37k
Memo Cohasset Sewer Service - PDF 49k

Town Manager
Town Manager Act - PDF 1,648k
(Updated 10.12.12)

Zoning Board of Appeals
Zoning Bylaws PDF 1,082k (New - January 2014)
ZBA Application PDF 137k
(updated December 2012)
Application Information & Checklist PDF 90k
ZBA Rules and Procedures PDF 109k
Zoning Map last updated, March 2002 PDF - 2.27MB

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